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Delivering clients the world over with a range of superior grade packaging and labeling solutions with our PFA Shrink Tunnels, Top Labeling Machines, PFS Labeling Machines, Sticker Labeling Machine, Automatic Labeling Machine, Hologram Applicators, Automatic Carton Feeder and many other products... 

About Us

With the advancement made in the sectors of logistics and packaging, it has become possible to export a wider range of products to markets across the world. The demand for newer packaging and labeling solutions has skyrocketed in recent years, as a result of which, we, HK Industries, have ventured into the domain with a number of superior grade products. We are a Manufacturer and Exporter of a wide range of products including Automatic Labeling Machine, Automatic Group Bottle Packing Machines, Semi Automatic Group Bottle Packing Machines, Agriculture Sticker Labeling Machines and Ampoule Rotary Sticker Labeling Machines, 
Automatic Carton Feeder. Under the guidance of our mentors, Mr. Hiren Patel & Mr. Kirit Khorasiya, we have witnessed immense growth. Today, we have an annual turnover of INR 1 Crores within just two short years since beginning operations, and it is safe to say that we have established ourselves in the market and are on the path towards becoming a leader in our domain.

Our products have found applications in numerous industries such as Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Pesticides, Beverages, Distilleries, Dairy & Foods, Allied Industries, Switch Gear Industries, Automobile Industries, Packaging Industries, Laundry & Home Care Industries and have provided effective packaging solutions.

Our Expertise

The pursuit of excellence is one that is never ending and takes one from being an amateur to a master at a specific field. With a deep seated desire to achieve greatness by providing the highest quality offerings like as Automatic Carton Feeder to  our clients we have been able evolve into an organization that is trusted and admired by many in the industry. Furthermore, the customer centric focus has only added to our reputation as a company bent on providing more in terms of value to its emptors. Some of our unique selling points are as follows:
  • Our products are manufactured using the best quality materials and components using sophisticated machinery.
  • We have employed a team of adept professionals who put to use their unmatched skill and prowess in the domain to provide exceptional products and service.
  • The quality control department at our company has been ensuring that each of our products is in compliance with our standards and is more than capable of competing on the international stage.
Client Satisfaction

In order to emerge as a world leader it is important to recognize the varying demands in different markets and provide products that are in keeping with these requirements. We have expanded our reach to numerous nations the world over and have been providing clients their with products that address their specific demands. Moreover, by emphasizing on research and development, we have been able to exhibit consistent evolution and have been able to maintain ourselves a cut above our competitors. The lower price tags carried by our offerings is another factor that has made them more desirable than others and allowed us to provide more in terms of client satisfaction than our competition.