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Group Bottle Packing Machine

Packaging is an imperative operation of any consumer products production companies, especially when these companies sell products under their own brands. Attractive packaging attracts many eyes towards the products stacked in any retail store. Supermarkets and departmental stores have a trend to attract as many buyers towards their store, and that is to provide a set/ batch of products in less price, especially on the days of festivals and other occasions. To create that set/ batch, companies use group bottle packing machine.

Key Points

  • Group bottle packing machine, as the name implies, packs a group of bottles.
  • We provide both, automatic and semi-automatic models, with different capacities.
  • This kind of packing machine can pack minimum four to maximum as many bottles one need to pack for convenient transportation.
  • The working of this machine can be explained in steps, like bottles sorting, wrapping, sealing, cutting, shrinking, cooling and forming.