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Packing Belt Conveyors

Belt conveyor is a conveyor system, as its name implies, it continuously conveys material from one location to another, until its operational. It finds usage in many industries, especially for inspecting material and packaging. Packing belt conveyor offered by us is widely used for conveying large volume of goods in the packaging line. Our range includes both, belt and slat chain conveyors. The benefits offered by this system are many, first it eliminates the cost and effort of labor, second, it increases the productivity, and third, it can transport material in both directions, horizontal and inclined.

Key points:
  • Industries where our packing belt conveyor find application are manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, food processing, packaging, bakeries and confectioneries, textile, and ice-cream plant.
  • The goods transported through this system are protected from any kind of damage and can be stacked at the end of the production line.
  • The packing belt conveyor we offer is energy-efficient and durable in nature.
  • It is designed to be installed easily at the site.