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Shrink Sleeve Applicator

Shrink sleeve applicator, as the name implies, is a machines that applies shrink sleeve label or neck bands on the containers of any size and shape, for instance cups, bowls and bottles. It can handle containers of unusual shapes, and apply label. The labels are necessary for almost all products that are intended to be sold to and used by the people. These labels are different from the conventional label. The other purpose of applying a sleeve of a stretch material to the body of the containers is that it can protect the products against tampering. We can offer this applicator, which can be attached to a packaging line. We can also provide complete solutions, covering shrink sleeve applicator, shrink tunnel and conveyor.

Key Points
  • The models of this system are identified by the speed and number of containers per minute.
  • The other names of this system are sleever, label inserting machine, shrink labeler and sleeve binder.
  • It can be used to apply label to packaged food products, beverages, cosmetics, and many more products.
  • The bottles it can label can be of material, like plastic and glass.
  • The main components of the machine are motor, PLC control,VFD, and sensor.